9/TENTHS:  Screenwriter:  Michele McGuire.  Produced by Michele McGuire, Jon SIlberg and Bob Degus.  Staring Gabrielle Anwar (Burn Notice), Henry Ian Cusick (Lost) and Dave Ortiz.

Sometime in the not too distant future.
Terrorist attacks escalate.
Cities are the primary.
Some think them unsafe.

William and Jessica, elite, successful, modern day city couple, flee the city to their newly purchased ranch in the middle of nowhere, only to discover there is someone already living in their house.  Lowly Elias, the former caretaker, a rugged, self sufficient, man of the land, claims he was promised the house by the former owner.

But before the “misunderstanding” can be sorted out in a civilized manner, the worst happens.  A synchronized series of terrorist attacks take out Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and other major cities, sending not only modern-day man’s way of life into chaos, but also the
lives of Jessica and William.

In this “new world” everything that made William successful in society, no longer exists.  And the skills that defined Elias as menial, are now the talents that are most valuable.

9/Tenths examines what it is to be a man, what it is to be a woman, what defines success, and what lies at the core of human nature.  It begs the question: “How far would you go to survive?”


AMPASNominationON HOPE:  Producer Michele McGuire.  Academy Award nomination shared with Jobeth Williams.  It was a pleasure to Produce actress, JoBeth Williams, directorial debut, “On Hope”.  Written by Lynn Mamet, starring Annette O’Toole and Mercedes Ruehl, On Hope explores infertility in today’s modern world. It examines the emotional repercussions and questions of self worth that follow a woman’s inability to do the one thing in life she wants most to do, to conceive a child and be a mother.

What an honor it was to work with so many wonderfully talented women. And how grateful I am for the expertise of our hard working crew.  Without all of them, the Oscar Nomination would never have existed.


AnotherRoundANOTHER ROUND:  Screenplay by Gregg Goldman and Michele McGuire

When Jessica’s boyfriend Roy decides to stand her up on Valentine’s Day, before deciding what she should do, Jessica backs things up a bit considering her options by fantasizing about the relationships the various customers at the bar where she works must have.

A humorous and fun look at the many sides of female-male relationships.

Independently made, shot over a few days this film was ultimately purchased by Showtime Networks and ran for years ~ especially every Valentine’s Day.